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Modular Concept
Masterpieces & Single Pieces

Synthesis from classical period and modern age  
The classical period in the amplifier construction refers to the period of bloom of the tube technology, to the old classics, created from circuit-technical artists of this era.

Modern age, on account of modern digital signal sources arises a little bit other orientation, indicates to appear itself to the today's circumstances.
Transparency and harmony, the interrelations of micro to macro information is the domain of big amplifiers. But this are not all points.
The commensurability of quiet and loud tones, the cohesion of the musical presentation, as well as the swinging ability and strength of the tone are other challenges to an amplifier chain.  

The following design / concept form the basis of the profound musicality of our amplifiers:

  • Triode amplifier in single Ended Design
  • Class A operation with conservative setting of the operation conditions
  • Transformer coupling of all stages
  • Zero feedback
  • Point-to-point wiring

This musical sovereignty of course joins a perfect finish and timeless design of the cases.



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