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Creation & Manufacturing  

Althea Musica is a manufacture belonged for the most musical audio components with the aim to the best at the world market.

This means:

  • Creativity and perfection beyond the norms
  • Striving for perfectionism
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Long-term reliability

„Searching for the old means to understand the new“…

Development and research are the spine and the innovation of a manufacture and is an interactive, time-consuming process. This long term process of development also contains extensive hearing with those we listen with our favorite music.

Only those prototypes which transfer the music feeling and allow dancing us pass this test, and with it the high hurdle of our claim.
The mechanical precision in manufacturing as well as a timeless design round the picture. Our attention lies, on this occasion, on quality and processing like they prelive big manufactures of the watchmaker's tradition or the car construction.

Behind the perfection stands the skill of the person that is craft tradition determines the logical conversion of the default around here to be able to exist.

Our products are made for you only after order. One can speak justifiably that every device comes close to a unique specimen.
01 Creation  


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